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About Us

“Made in MATSUOKA”is
sewing the future

We make clothes as a garment maker. People around the world wear clothes that are made in our factories located around the world. But you won’t find our name on any labels. You can buy with confidence, feel comfortable to wear, feel good to choose. These are what “Made in MATSUOKA” embody.


Everything we do is for
making clothes for our customers

Our job is to deliver to our customers “what they want, the amount they want, at anytime they want.” This is a matter of course, but our standard for a “matter of course” runs deeper than most. Let us explain MATSUOKA’s work that comes from many years of experience.


Aiming for sustainability for worker,
for every workers , every region, and the entire business

MATSUOKA works day in and day out to build a sustainable delivering process, such as reducing CO2 emission emitted when clothes are made, investing in equipment with renewable energy, and resolving issues related to workers’ rights and education etc.

Recruitment Information

We are eager to make NEXT MATSUOKA with people from every corner of the world.

"MATSUOKA is leading the sewing industry of Japan. We are passionate about spreading the Japanese manufacturing expertise across the world, and meet with brands and customer at global stage. Join us to see a sight that nobody has ever seen before."

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