Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

When was the company founded?

Our group started in April 1946, when the current president MATSUOKA Noriyuki’s grandmother MATSUOKA Masayo founded Matsuoka Kimono Shop selling pieces of clothing, and in April 1956, Noriyuki’s uncle MATSUOKA Hiromu established Matsuoka Gofukuten Co., Ltd. In March 1964, the trade name was changed to Matsuoka Sen-i Kogyo Co., Ltd., and in April 1996, after changing the business line to manufacturing and processing of various textile products, the trade name was changed again to MATSUOKA CORPORATION. Click here for details.

What is the corporate philosophy of MATSUOKA CORPORATION?

Click here for the corporate philosophy of our group.

What kind of business do you do?

Our group runs an apparel OEM business. The apparel OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to a business model in which pieces of clothing are manufactured under the outsourcers’ brands upon receipt of orders from apparel manufacturers and fashion brands. Our group, as an apparel OEM company, is characterized by being capable of responding to each process relating to the production of pieces of clothing, focusing on sewing processing, from product planning, production of fabrics, through logistics.
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Has the company expanded to overseas?

Our group established our first overseas factory in China in 1990, and after that, we have expanded our production bases in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
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When did you become a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 13, 2017.

I would like to get your company brochure.

Our group’s company brochure can be downloaded by clicking here.

What is your corporate governance structure?

Click here for our group’s structure of corporate governance.

What Initiatives are you running for sustainability?

Click here for our group’s initiatives for sustainability.

About financial statements and business performance

When does your fiscal year end?

Our group’s fiscal year ends at the end of March every year.

I would like to know the schedule of announcements of financial statements.

See the scheduled dates of announcements of financial statements posted on the “IR Calendar.” Please note that the schedule may be subject to change.

I would like to see your latest financial information.

You can see our group’s latest financial information by clicking here.

Where can I check your past business performances?

You can see our group’s past achievements by clicking here.

I would like to see the trends in your group’s business performance.

You can see the trends in our group’s business performance in the “Operating Results” and “Financial Position

Stock information

What is your securities code?


What is your share unit number?


When is the shareholder record date for dividend payments?

The shareholder record date for year-end dividends is the last day of March.

When is the general meeting of shareholders held?

Our ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held in late June every year. You can see the detailed schedule by clicking here.

Do you have a special shareholder benefit plan?

We currently do not have a special shareholder benefit.


Where can I make an inquiry to ask for information materials and other requests?

We accept your request for information materials, comments, and questions about our group by telephone or online (inquiry form).
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