Everything we do is
for making clothes for our customers

Our job is to deliver to our customers “when, what, how much they want..” This is a matter of course, but our standard for a “matter of course” runs deeper than most. Let us explain MATSUOKA’s work that comes from many years of experience.

Leading OEM company

With the sole purpose of meeting industry needs and satisfying our customers, we have grown to be a leading company, representing garment makers in Japan. Each part of the process is extremely basic. However, we, as a company that manufactures most of our orders in our own factories, have repeatedly improved and refined the basics in order to properly deliver products to our customers. MATSUOKA’s standard is to build up its “matters of course” from the planning and development stage to the delivery stage.


MATSUOKA’s business that has been
developed together with our customers

Our confidence lies in the process of “accurately advancing the basics in the correct order.” While valuing this attitude, we have covered our business from planning to delivery of products together with our customers.


Five Principles of
MATSUOKA’s business

We are always evolving our manufacturing in line with the needs and changes of time. In order to maximize improvements in productivity and realize stable quality standards, we place importance on five principles.


Solutions that make the future of the garment industry

What will happen to manufacturing in the future? Since we complete all processes in-house, we take full responsibility. And we believe that sharing the know-how and processes with not only our customers but also people from around the world who are engaged in manufacturing will be the key to the future. This is MATSUOKA’s solution that connects sewing to the future.

Solution - 01

System in which production progress and
delivery date are visualized and shared in real time

We are developing a system so that the status of MATSUOKA’s production lines can be shared in real time via PCs and smartphones. This system will enable our customers to grasp the progress status of their orders as if MATSUOKA’s factory was the customer’s factory.

Solution - 02


We are creating a structure that enables “manufacturing company,” “garment factory,” “manufacturing line,” and “manufacturing date” traceability. We aim to create a structure that enables our customers to easily access information related to products by simply scanning with their smartphones the QR codes on our products they will pick up in the future.

Solution - 03

Factories Become a Brand

We should not simply meet client needs, but deliver products of which we can say confidently: “This was made by us.” We believe that such an attitude is the basis for trust from our clients who place orders with us for sewing, and will lead to customers’ peace of mind who pick up our products.