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The first step to resolving issues starts with understanding actual circumstances correctly. Uncertainties bring about speculations and misconceptions, which can complicate matters. Since we run our factories on our own, we have responsibilities for various processes of manufacturing. We believe we can share issues with the world only by correctly visualizing the situation and sharing the situation in real time. Our activities are logically recorded and summarized in a portfolio.

About CO2 emissions

CO2 Emissions


*CO2 emissions per item compared with 2019

We are aiming at a 1.5-times increase in production volume for 2030 compared with 2019, while maintaining the same amount of CO2 emissions as 2019. Accordingly, emissions will be reduced to 0.45 kg per item (target), which is a 35% reduction from the performance of 0.7kg per item (result) in 2019.

2019 2030
CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 36,831 36,800
Number of items produced 52,800,000 81,100,000
CO2 emissions per item
0.70 0.45
Compared with 2019
(compared with the first year in the case of a new factory)
100% 65%