What are the senior members who support MATSUOKA thinking,
and what are their eyes focused on?

MATSUOKA has been a leader in the garment industry. What are the employees thinking in tackling their work, and what kind of picture of the future are they envisioning? We engaged in a crosstalk across the barriers of age, gender, job category, and position. The straightforward opinions we collected give as a glimpse of how the present and future of MATSUOKA intersect.


Importance of making proposals from my side

The OEM business consists of manufacturing pieces of clothing ordered from fashion brands. It tends to be seen as a passive business that proceeds with work as demanded by customers, but the real thrill as a manufacturer seems to lie in making proposals. We engaged in a crosstalk between three people who look to create new sensations in the apparel industry by coming up with ideas right from the planning stage.

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Workplaces where women can play active roles on the global stage

The creation of workplaces where women can work cheerfully and energetically is absolutely essential for companies to grow. MATSUOKA strives to make improvements for female-friendly workplaces, not only for life-stage changes, such as marriage and childbirth, but also for day-to-day activities. We interviewed three women doing their best on the global stage.

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Work is predictive communication

Approximately 20,000 colleagues of MATSUOKA work around the world. What kind of business operations are performed at the Head Office that leads the operations of the entire company? We engaged in a crosstalk between three people who are in charge about important attitudes that are fundamental to work.

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Our work stage is expanding to global fields

MATSUOKA deploys its own factories mainly in the ASEAN region. Until now, we have grown mainly for customers in Japan, but the company intends to expand its activities with a focus on Europe and US. Crosstalk between veteran sales staff and a newcomer shows us MATSUOKA's potential.

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