Recruitment Message

Sharing joys.
That is the climax of our work.

Our work is to make clothes.
Clothes are made up by combining pieces of cloth, fabric, buttons, zippers, sewing threads, strings, and various other parts. Whether it’s a single cloth or as many as 100,000 pieces, making clothes is not easy. Therefore, our work deserves appreciation. Production bottlenecks are becoming a source of difficulties that people experience, as crafting things is increasingly becoming a rare skill. In other words, being capable of making things is truly amazing. I think we can be extremely proud of our work.

While every task leads to making one piece of clothing item, the greatest climax is the moment when we see our customers satisfied. We have done lot of things that were firsts as a sewing company and firsts in this industry. Most of them have been done for people. When you have achieved something for yourself, the joy is yours alone, but if that satisfaction could be shared by the more than 20,000 colleagues working together around the world, that is impressive. There is a feeling of fulfillment and a feeling of accomplishment that cannot be put into words.

Right now, our business is mainly for Japanese customers, in other words, we are making clothes for 120 million people. However, today, high-quality manufacturing is demanded all around the world. The challenge to make clothes for 8 billion people is presenting itself before us. I believe the seeds we have sown were in preparation for this opportunity.

I would like you to build a future together with colleagues who seek out such challenges.

Representative director and President